Board of Trustees

For much of its history the Baptist Cemetery (now part of Lillies Cemetery) had no management board; by mutual agreement burial plots were chosen and maintained by individual families in the community. As time went on and the cemetery grew, this arrangement proved unsatisfactory; by the 1920s vandalism and neglect left the cemetery looking derelict and unkempt.

In 1935 when Highway # 15 was upgraded to make it a major route between Kingston and Ottawa members of the community expressed concern about the appearance of the cemetery and in September of that year the Women’s Institute convened a meeting at which the first board of trustees was chosen: Alfred Kenny, Alfred Chapman, Ernest Collinson, Ray Hartley, Frank Chapman, George Gilbert and George Shook. At a later meeting the reeve of the Township of Rear Leeds and Lansdowne was added as a trustee.

Volunteers worked to straighten and repair monuments and the ground was cleared of shrubs. Letters were sent to everyone who had family members buried at the cemetery soliciting donations to establish a fund to pay for regular maintenance of the cemetery.

Since that time the board of trustees has overseen the management and care of the cemetery.

The current board of trustees are:

Monique Berry-Steacy

Richard Berry

Barbara Donaldson

Glenn Morris

Maureen Nolan

Dan Roantree

Keith Sly

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