The cenotaph at the south end of the cemetery honours the men from our community who died in the service of their country during World War II:

Squadron Leader Chaplain James G. Brown
Ld. Sto. Alfred C. Dean
F/O Douglas H. Frye
Pte. Hubert McPherson
Pte. Daniel E. Perrin
P/O Nelson R. Perry
L/Bd Hilbert L. Sly
F/Lt G. Osbourne Tedford
Gnr. Lawrence A. Williams
F/O Arthur I. Warren
Major Eric A. Willis

Erected by Citizens of Rear Leeds and Lansdowne
Plot donated by Hammet Lillie

There are eight veterans of the War of 1812 buried in the Baptist Burying Ground; these men were members of the militia which was called up at the beginning of the war. Some of the men were stationed at Gananoque when the settlement was attacked by an American force in September 1812. Their names are:

Jabez Eaton
William Gilbert
Levi Hotchkiss
Jonathan Pope
Jabez Rhodes
Jehiel Sliter
John Sly
Allen Sweet
In 2014 the Municipal Heritage Committee in conjunction with the federally funded Graveside Project placed a commemorative plaque on each veteran’s grave.

Listed below are the names of known veterans who are buried in Lillies Cemetery:

Henry Stephen Berry, Private, 1st Depot Battalion, CEF
John Coleman, R.C.A.F.
John Philip Collins R.C.A.F.
Benjamin Dougall, Private, 58 Battalion CEF
Everett J. Elliott, Private, 1st Depot Battalion, CEF
Harold Geekie, Craftsman, R.C.E.M.E.
James R. Hartley, Private, 96th Battalion, CEF
Harold L. Hickford, Private, R.C.A.M.E.
James Wilmer Kenny, Corporal, 38th Battalion, CEF
Robert Wayne Kenny, Sergeant, 25th Infantry Div. US Army; killed in Viet Nam
Donald A Landon, Private, R.C.A.S.C.
H. Brooks McMillan, Canadian Scottish Regt.
Edmond Roy Moroughan, Private, P.P.C.L.I.
William Nolan, Chief Petty Officer, RCNVR
Hilbert L Sly, Lance Bombardier, RCA
Cyril Watson, Gunner, R.C.H.A
Ralph F. Welch, Corporal, Canadian Armoured Corps
Sanford White, Private, R.C.A.S.C.
Alfred Garnet Kenny, Sergeant, P.P.C.L.I.
Norman Kenny, Sergeant, R.C.M.P.
Thomas White, Private, 1st Depot Battalion, CEF

Names of veterans will be added to this list as information becomes available.

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