Newsletter – 2021

Warm weather and sunny days herald the arrival of summer but the pall of the pandemic continues to hang over our lives.

The past fifteen months have challenged us all but we now have of the promise of returning to our normal routine and realizing the promise of the summer.

Provincial guidelines for outdoor gatherings remain in effect until later in June. In accordance with those guidelines the Cemetery board has decided that

The 2021 Memorial Service



The cemetery remains open during the day and we encourage everyone to visit often.

Please remember that outdoor gatherings are limited to a maximum of ten people.

Board Report

Operating expenses for 2020 were $7708.40. Net income for 2020 was $10,979.03; this amount does not include $100.00 from monument fees which must be deposited in the Care and Maintenance Fund.

Lillies Cemetery website and Facebook page

In 2020 the cemetery website ( was updated and is now available on all devices: PCs, tablets and, smart phones.

A list of all recorded burials in Lillies Cemetery and the Baptist Burying Ground has been added to the website.

You can also visit our Facebook page ( where there are regular notifications of interest including additions to the website.

Monument cleaning

There have been enquiries about monument cleaning. Granite monuments can be cleaned by pressure-washing. The service is available locally; contact Donald Bracken at (613) 387-3294. Marble monuments should not be pressure-washed; the stone is too soft. Clean marble monuments manually with a soft brush and water.

Trees, Shrubs, Flowers and other Decorations

We are pleased to see the flowers that have been planted by some families and we encourage others to do so. Remember that planted flowers should be within one foot of the monument so that they do not interfere with mowing.

Please mark artificial flowers and wreaths with your name and the name of the grave so that errant wreaths can be returned to their proper place. Damaged and faded items should be removed.

As a volunteer organization the Baptist Cemetery welcomes anyone who is interested in becoming a board member or participating in any other capacity. If interested, please contact the secretary-treasurer.

The Board of Lillies Cemetery gratefully acknowledges donations made in 2020 in memory of the following people:

Velma Cooke                                       Wendell Hughson                    Robert Hughson

John & Matilda Douds                         Betty & Basil Blondin              Ralph Welch   

Philip & May Leadbeater                     Lloyd Leadbeater                     Gregory Leadbeater    

Charles Wykes                                     Frank & Nancy Wykes            Sebastien Wykes

Baldur von Minden                              Allan Kenny                            Van & Victoria Wills             

Malcolm Godin                                    Jason Day                                Harold Greenlees

Ernest & Nellie Blackman                   Glynn Edgar                            Myrtle & John Sloan

Wilmer & Alice Kenny                        Glenn Kenny                           Roxanne Kenny          

George & Jean Collinson                     Frances Collinson Donaldson  Alan Blackman

Mary & Ernest Collinson                     Marjorie Hull                           Ronald Greene

Carl & Hazel Burtch                            Martin & Jean Carpenter          Vernon Tye

Owen & Jennie Burtch                        Helena & Stanley Best             Charles W Slack         

Stephen & Keitha Berry                       Carrol & Edith Berry               Douglas Berry

Gyles E Tye                                         Pernie & Mildred Banks          Rodney Steacy

Sanford, Mary & Lorne Kelsey             Elwood & Bernice Berry          Billy Berry       

Edna, William & Wayne Rabbie           Audrey & Cecil Welch             David Kenny

Hugh & Olive Henderson                   Gordon & Alwilda Gamble     Norris Middleton

William & Thressa Findlay                  Blair & Rodney Findlay           John P Collins

Joan Ritchie                                         Ray & Zella Sweet                   Terry Molloy

Charles & Ruby Ann Blackman           Cassandra Lee                          Wilmer Willis

Ford & Myrtle Kenny                          Philip Kenny                            Olive & Lorne Kenny 

Gerald & Gwen Kenny                        Paul Simpson                           Maxine Moroughan

Oscar & Harriet Warren                      Leslie Simpson                         Jo-Anne Rogers

Ethel & Earl Chapman                        Alice & Milton Chapman         Lorne Chapman          

Oliver & Florence Simpson                 Harold & Hazel Tye                Keitha Irene Kenny

Florence & Johnson Moorhead            Ernest & Edna Morris             Isobel Neville

Lynden, Angela & David Slack            Andrea & Richard Warner       Nina Warner               

Bill, Eleanor & Debbie Nolan              Florence (Sly) Simpson            Miner Simpson

Harold & Wilhelmina Bryan                Cathryn & Prudence Baxter     Donald Baxter

Herbert & Karen Mainse                     Clifford Simpson                     Ronald E Moulton      

Bernard & Rae Lee                              Ernest & Ada Rowley              Reg & Bella Elson

George & Amelia Martin                    Bernard & Hazel McAlonan    Eldon McAlonan                    

We mourn the passing of:

Pearl Warren, Nancy Wykes, Joyce Stedman

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