Newsletter – 2019

Annual Memorial Service – 2:30 P.M., Sunday, June 16, 2019

Memorial Service

The annual Memorial Service will be held on Sunday, June 16, 2019 at 2:30 P.M. at the Cemetery. Rev. Don Stiles will lead the service and music will be provided by Gary Bracken.  We hope you will be able to attend; please remember to bring a chair or blanket to sit on.  In the event of rain the service will be held in the Seeleys Bay United Church.

Board Report

Operating expenses for 2018 were $10,691.95 which includes the cost of monument restoration in the old part of the cemetery.

In August 2018 a crew from Campbell Monuments in Belleville worked in the old section of the cemetery straightening and securing eleven monuments which were considered unstable and a danger to the public. The work was done quickly and has improved the appearance of the cemetery.

Lillies Cemetery gratefully acknowledges a heritage grant from the Township of Leeds and the Thousand Islands which covered 50% of the cost of the restoration of these monuments.

There is more restoration/straightening work to be done but no monuments present any immediate danger.

Mowing expenses were lower in 2018 due to a dry season. The cemetery has experienced a serious grub infestation resulting several patches of dead grass. Some remedial action will be taken this spring and summer to deal with this problem.

Net income for 2018 was $10,647.12; this amount does not include $1000.00 from lots sales and monument fees which must be deposited in the Care and Maintenance Fund.

Lillies Cemetery website and Facebook page

The cemetery website is

We hope it will raise awareness of the cemetery and make it accessible to a wider community. It’s a work in progress; comments and suggestions are welcome.

You can also visit our Facebook page

Trees, Shrubs, Flowers and other Decorations

            We are pleased to see the flowers that have been planted by some families and we encourage others to do so. Remember that planted flowers should be within one foot of the monument so that they do not interfere with mowing.

Additional trees and shrubs can be planted in certain areas; please contact the secretary-treasurer to confirm the location of any new shrubs or trees.

Please mark artificial flowers and wreaths with your name and the name of the grave so that errant wreaths can be returned to their proper place. Damaged and faded items should be removed.

As a volunteer organization the Baptist Cemetery welcomes anyone who is interested in becoming a board member or participating in any other capacity. If interested, please contact the secretary-treasurer.

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